TAAROA’s Iconic SWORD 108 UHM approved by IKA for the Formula Kite Class
Formula Kite: TAAROA's SWORD 108 UHM is registered as an official foiling equipment for the Olympics Games in Paris in 2024.

On Saturday, July 18, 2020, the International Kiteboarding Association closed the selection process for Formula Kite series production equipment slated for the 2020-2024 Olympic quadrennial. TAAROA is pleased to announce that the IKA Technical Committee has approved the SWORD 108 UHM as official Formula Kite equipment in the category of Hydrofoils.

According to the IKA, series production equipment must be manufactured in series and be easily available worldwide, without restriction, for the entire 2024 Olympic quadrennial. Each piece of equipment must be produced according to a high standard of quality control, in terms of materials and specifications. These rigorous procedures ensure the fairness and consistency of the manufacturing process to enable all international riders to obtain quality equipment.

The SWORD 108 UHM can currently be used in official competitions by racers in the Formula Kite class. The foil’s first team rider feedback is extremely positive. Andoni Urrutia, an experienced rider, describes his first impressions:

“The SWORD is precise-performing and stable. Its glide is extremely fluid, and its upwind angle is really high. Even with 5 knots of breeze on a tiny 12-meter starting line, the acceleration is sharp. You can also go really deep on the downwinds without sacrificing speed. In 5 knots, it was amazing for keeping good lift on the front wing, keeping apparent wind and more tension on the lines.

In addition, the stability and lift of the SWORD 108 UHM lets you carve in and out of gorgeous tacks and jibes with surprising ease. Even if you have to whip out a fast, tight jibe during racing, the foil stays totally stable, reassuring even. It let me gain a few demi-seconds of extra glide, and I could exit my light wind tacks with better glide and tension on the lines, plus a super acceleration onto the new tack.

Thanks to the foil’s short titanium fuselage, it’s very lively and maneuverable. It lets you do tighter and higher-level maneuvers, and makes it easier to pull them off.

What I particularly love is that the SWORD’s design is totally unique and isn’t just a copy of other manufacturers’ foils. It’s also a foil that gives incredible quality and performance without being too complicated, and it’s this foil that will create accessibility and performance value for the most riders.”

What are the next steps for TAAROA’s SWORD 108 UHM?

This milestone closes the first chapter of TAAROA’s Paris 2024 Olympic journey. From now until the end of 2021, all our kitefoils will be evaluated in competition. Following this step, World Sailing will license the official Formula Kite equipment for the 2024 Olympic Games through a separate agreement with the selected manufacturers.

TAAROA is proud to be a part of the Olympic Dream. All aboard for Paris 2024!

More information about the SWORD 108 UHM here.

TAAROA’s Iconic SWORD 108 UHM approved by IKA for the Formula Kite Class
FLY 4 ALL SA, Corentin Legris 12 August, 2020
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