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Our experts and professional riders answer your questions.


While we believe that anyone, young and old, can ride a hydrofoil, we suggest that first time riders take at least one course with a certified instructor. It will help you understand the basics and know how to use the hydrofoil. 

Yes, there is an industry standard weight limit of 100 kilograms or 220 pounds.

The answer is YES! Please wear a life jacket and helmet while using our product. We also encourage riders to wear a wetsuit and booties. For more details about safety, you can consult our user manual on the website in the #wearetaaroa section.    


Our products are currently made in Thailand at a Swiss owned factory. Thailand has produced about 90% of popular water sports equipment in the last 30 years.

Regarding the maintenance, we recommend riders to rinse each piece of the hydrofoil with clean water after use. More details about maintenance can be found in our user manual on our website, which we encourage you to read carefully.

The short answer: it depends! Experienced riders and new riders might perform better on different models. Purpose is also a factor. We’d be happy to assist in your selection, just send us an email via our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Yes we do sell spare parts online, you can find the selection here.


You can buy one of our boards online or at an authorized reseller. To see a list of those stores, please click here. If you can’t find an authorized reseller near your location, please send us an email via our contact page and we’ll do our best to find you a solution.    

We inspect our boards with the upmost precision before shipping, however, we can’t control every step of the delivery process. If you receive a damaged board, please take a photo and contact us immediately, we will do our best.

If the product you want is out of stock, you can set an email alert for when it will be restocked. You can also directly reach out to one of our team members via our contact form to get more information quickly or call shops to see if there is stock remaining at their location!   

Mistakes happen, don’t worry we get it. Do not hesitate to shoot us an email and we’ll figure it out. In the event that your order has already shipped, you’ll have to send it back at your own cost. Unfortunately, if the returned product is damaged or lost, we won’t be able to reimburse you.    

When purchasing on the website, you have a 30 day exchange policy. Be in touch with our customer support team for more information.


We do offer international shipping at varying costs, it all depends on your location.

The international shipping typically takes between 5 to 10 days, all depending on where you are in the world. We will send you by email your package tracking number before shipping.


We’re unable to provide financing options at this time, however, we’re hoping to provide this in the future.    


At the moment we accept PayPal and credit card payments. We’re hoping to provide other payment methods in the future.


Yes all of our products are covered by a warranty, by default for every purchase. Conditions may apply and are available to read here.    

Our warranty period is two years—with one exception : the Titanium fuselage has a 10 year warranty.

If you want to check your warranty status, please send us an email via our contact form and we’ll gladly check it for you.

We encourage you to keep your receipt or invoice to track the status of your warranty. If you can’t find the receipt, please email us or check with your retailer.

You can download our general terms of sales including the warranty directly on our website. Please click here to find a downloadable version.


We are glad you want to work with us ! Let’s chat, send us directly an email.    

We do sponsor riders and we would love to hear from you. Kindly send us an email with your clips, a CV, and a brief letter explaining why you want to be sponsored by TAAROA. We’ll review it and get back to you as soon as we can.