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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Who can ride a hydrofoil? 
Anybody between 7-77 years old can ride it. However, if you want to try hydrofoil for the first time, we strongly recommend you to get courses from certified organization.
2. Is there any weight restriction? 
We limit the weight above 100 Kg as a standard.  

1. Where do you manufacture?
We manufacture in Thailand, under the Swiss owned 3MB Co., Ltd. factory. Our manufacturer is one of the leading manufacturers in composite industry in APAC region. Furthermore, Thailand is a very well-known country for producing water sports equipment with the proof that 90% of producing boards is made in Thailand for over 30 years.
2. What type of model should I buy? 
It depends on your purpose and level of riding experience. Should you have some more questions, please feel free to contact us via this form: Contact Us.

1. How should I keep hydrofoils? 
We strongly recommend you to rinse each part with clean water after each use. We also listed down all important details for maintenance on our user manual. Please read our usual manual carefully.
1. Where can I buy your products? 
We offer both online and offline presence. Please kindly see the dealer location at our Resellers page or please buy directly at our web shop page.
2. What should I do if I receive damaged product?
We inspect our product very carefully therefore, this shouldn't happen. However, should this happened, please kindly take a picture immediately and send us via this form: Contact Us.
3. I would like to order some product which is out of stock. What should I do? 
You can set alert notification for future purchase or please kindly contact our team at  this form: Contact Us.
4. Can I buy only spare parts?
Yes. You can buy spare parts only. They are available at our  web shop page .
5. I can’t find a dealer around my location. What should I do? 
If you couldn’t find any dealers around you at our Resellers pageplease kindly contact to our team via this form: Contact Us. Our team will put best effort to find solution for you. 
6. I made a mistake in my order. What should I do? 
We fully understand human error, therefore, should this happened, please contact us immediately  via  this form: Contact Us.
In case of we already shipped, you must ship us back at your own shipping fees (with tracking number) and product must be in mint condition. We cannot be held any responsibility if your package is damaged or lost in the process.
1. Do I have to take life jacket and other safety tools?
We strongly recommend you to wear life jacket, helmet, booties and wetsuit for your own safety. We have written down all safety tips on usual manual. Please read our usual manual carefully.

1. I would like to be retailer/reseller/distributor of your product. What should I do? 
We are very happy that you are interested in our products. Please kindly find distributor in your location via our Resellers page, if you cannot find distributor, please contact us via this form: Contact Us.
2. I am a professional rider and would like to get sponsorship from your company. 
It is our honor to support passionate athletes and water sports professionals. Please kindly send us your CV and cover letter including statement of your passion and why we are a perfect fit for each other. Once you send us requested letter, we will carefully review and will get back to you. 
1. How long will it take to deliver?
As the normal practice, international shipping could take from 5-10 days. 
2. I live outside of France. Can I order hydrofoils? 
Sure. We offer international shipping. Please note that additional shipping cost might apply.

1. Any finance plan is available? 
There is no finance available for the moment. We are working on it for future reference. 
2. Which payment method can I use?  
Currently we accept PayPal and Visa card. We are working on other payment method for future reference.

1. Can I return my hydrofoil?
Unless you received the damaged product, it will not be able to get refunded.

1. What is the warranty period?
There are 2 years of warranty as a default except Titanium fuselage which is 10 years warranty which is 10 years warranty. 
2. Where can I check my warranty status? 
You can check your warranty status  via this form: Contact Us.
3. Can I claim my warranty without product invoice? 
We strongly recommend you to keep the invoice as the invoice date is the same date of starting our warranty. If you don’t have invoice, please check with retailer shops.
4. Every product is covered by warranty? 
Yes. As a default all of our products are under the warranty.