SWORD 108 UHM Technology and Fabrication

The SWORD 108’s design and construction are truly unique, not merely a copy of an existing foil, and our finely-profiled mast and wings are the result of intensive, years-long testing. The 108 cm mast is designed to be slim, rigid, and low drag. Anti-vortex wingtip geometry reduces stalling and cavitation if the foil comes close to breaching, improving rider control at high speeds. In addition, our “Quick n’ Precise” stabilizer mounting system lets riders change the angle of the foil’s stabilizer between races fast, without shimming. Just a few turns of a wrench will move the stabilizer forward or aft on the fuselage, precisely marked by the millimeter. Titanium reinforcements prevent wear on the stabilizer.

TAAROA is standalone in our use of UHM Carbon and Titanium for maximum rigidity, stability, and the control at high speeds needed to win races. UHM Carbon is the most rigid and light grade of carbon fiber available to manufacturers, making for the stiffest and lightest foil possible. UHM carbon makes our slim, rigid mast design possible. A UHM mast and wings combined with our low drag Titanium fuselage adds a bonus element of stability and rigidity throughout all the SWORD 108’s connections and angles. These components make for a very powerful foil. Titanium is also anticorrosive and salt water resistant, and with a 10 year warranty, TAAROA titanium fuselages are an ideal long-term kitefoil investment.

What counts the most when creating a top-of-the-line foil is the manufacturing process - resin infusion and molding – and exacting quality control. TAAROA uses Dynamic Fluid Compression Molding (DFCM) to optimize carbon fiber volume ratio and resin impregnation; by applying both heat and pressure in a closed metal mold, our carbon components are all uniform and robust. Titanium fuselages are made by precise CNC machining. As well as standalone manufacturing processes, TAAROA is the owner of our factory in Thailand, ensuring our full oversight regarding equipment, materials, and quality control.

TAAROA manufacturing processes and technology result in a precisely-performing hydrofoil production series, breaking new ground across foiling disciplines. Our SWORD line gives all ambitious kitefoilers a great access point to exclusive, Olympic quality foils, and the speed and control any foil rider dreams of. Team TAAROA is looking forward to helping riders achieve their Olympic dreams, being part of the Olympic community, and most importantly, offering accessible quality to foiling innovators everywhere.

SWORD 108 UHM Technology and Fabrication
FLY 4 ALL SA, Corentin Legris 19 March, 2021
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TAAROA SWORD 108 UHM Technology: For Every Innovative Rider