Liquid flight redefined:  TAAROA finalizes the iUP

Come experience the novel performance of the latest version of TAAROA’s iUP in real life! Team TAAROA engineers and riders will be on-site at the Geneva Wind Festival, September 23-26.

The iUP’s official launch date has moved to the end of September, looking forward to 2022! TAAROA’s revolutionary, intelligent foil went back to the lab this year for final tweaks to its design. Now in its third iteration, the iUP boasts a newly streamlined, dynamic front wing, a lengthened mast, improved sensor control, battery life, and GPS; and a simplified application to manage it all.

Perfection and functionality are two classic objectives upheld in engineering culture. Early this year, TAAROA team riders tested a second iteration of the iUP’s front wing. Our engineers, inspired by McLaren supercar design, created sleek and low-drag wing flaps that were performing strongly during testing. However, the shape of the front wing, modeled after our HA 1450, needed a rethink in order to improve its equilibrium.

To solve the challenge of the iUP’s equilibrium, TAAROA engineers drew inspiration from our top-notch kitefoil designs. The iUP’s new front wing profile is based on our SWORD racing line, with a few innovative modifications. Our engineers decided to implement an inverted delta wing shape often seen on fighter jets, which offers these high performance aircraft better maneuverability and climb angle. This solution effectively moves the center of effort forward on the iUP’s fuselage, increasing its versatility across disciplines of watersport. The new wing’s double-dihedral shape (light M-shape seen from the leading edge of the wing) is based on the profile of TAAROA’s HA 1050, our freerace-oriented front wing. The double-dihedral shape gives the wing excellent roll stability.

The iUP’s new front wing is sure to please a variety of riders of all levels. Coupled with a longer 90 cm mast and newly recalibrated sensors, the iUP yields greater stability and control of pitch and roll. In addition, we’ve performed a GPS upgrade for greater accuracy, and the battery has been tweaked to allow for more than 2 hours of continuous ride time, or a half day on the water.

The longer mast, faster and balanced front wing, and redesigned sensors offer more advanced riders an athletic, pleasing feel. Added to higher performance of the GPS and extended battery life, the iUP is sure to make all levels of foilers happy - it’s simply, super stable and fast foiling for all.

Let TAAROA technology surprise you at the Geneva Wind Festival, held at the Tropical Corner watersports center, September 23-26.

Liquid flight redefined:  TAAROA finalizes the iUP
FLY 4 ALL SA, Corentin Legris 14 September, 2021
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