SWORD 108 UHM 2020: A technological interpretation of ultra-performance in kitefoil
The SWORD is the expression of the brand's know-how. It is the fastest and most powerful foil in TAAROA's history, combining ultra-performance and accessibility. Its sophisticated design, innovative technology, and iconic, performance-oriented shape make it a unique masterpiece of art, form and technique, that pushes the boundaries of imagination.

TAAROA was created in 2012 and launched the SWORD 1 foil at that time. The SWORD 1 was a racing kitefoil often considered as a pioneer in the discipline, developed by professional riders for professional riders. The promise of SWORD 1 was ultra-performance. That promise has been achieved through its very innovative design and the rigidity of materials used to build it, such as prepreg HR carbon.

Its successor - the SWORD 2 - has won several titles: French champion, European champion and even World champion in 2016.

With riders going faster and faster, the model has then evolved into the SWORD RS, a foil that was radically different. The profil of the mast, its length and the board fixation system changed at that time to offer more rigidity.

SWORD 108 UHM 2020 - A reinvention of the SWORD

Being part of FLY 4 ALL has allowed TAAROA to explore multiple synergies with the group, especially in hydrodynamics and materials engineering. For a year and a half, the team got access to all resources needed to shape a worthy successor to the SWORD RS.

In 2020, we are proud to announce a modern and enhanced version of the SWORD RS : the SWORD 108 UHM. The reinvention of this iconic model strengthens our positioning in the kitefoil market by targeting the ultra-performance segment.

The SWORD 108 UHM differs from its predecessors by notable design improvements. The front wing, whose profile has been optimized by computational methods, offers a greater wingspan and better lift for less drag. The fuselage also benefits from a computer-assisted redesign to minimize induced drag.

SWORD 108 UHM 2020 - New materials and a brand new production process

In order to build the SWORD 108 UHM, TAAROA has also invested into new industrialisation and production techniques. In fact, we use unique molding methods for the wings and mast called DFCM (Dynamic Fluid Compression Molding) as opposed to pre-impregnated techniques commonly used in the market.

The DFCM method enables us to use a different carbon cloth option for the SWORD 108 UHM called Carbon UHM - which is the strongest type of carbon fiber. It helps build components with the best rigidity / weight ratio on the market.

Finally, TAAROA has selected innovative materials for the SWORD. In addition to the UHM Carbon used for the wings and the mast, we use extruded titanium for the fuselage - available in 54cm and 60cm. Titanium enhances performance in downwind/upwind by offering more rigidity and is totally resistant to corrosion.

SWORD UHM 2020 - A progressive foil

The SWORD is entirely modular and every part from the Joy line can be mounted on it - in fact we believe the SWORD should evolve according to the conditions and your profile.

In short, the SWORD is the most progressive racing foil on the market, combining ultra-performance and accessibility.  

More information about the SWORD 108 UHM 2020.

SWORD 108 UHM 2020: A technological interpretation of ultra-performance in kitefoil
Alix Barbe 4 May, 2020
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