Get Started with Big Wave Foiling

Michael is our newest team ambassador living in Australia. Member of the Lost Boys Foil Club, he has been a big wave rider since 1.5 year. In this article he shares with us his advice to start foiling in big waves.

What’s your best advice for getting started with big waves foiling?

My best advice would be to start from the ground up. It's not possible to jump into that arena without prior experience. I view foiling as an extension of surfing. It takes all my years of training and ability to take it to the level that I do. I would recommend anyone looking to get into any foil discipline to learn on flat water behind a boat or a jetski.

What do beginners have to take into account in terms of equipment and settings?

I personally wear a water helmet, wetsuit and impact vest. When starting out foilwise, you want a foil wing that will generate lift at relatively low speeds and a shorter mast to help with control on initial flights.

What are ideal conditions to start in?

Flat water to start with behind a vessel and then when you have some level of control over the foil itself, you can progress into small waves.

Where is the best spot in Australia to learn?

Somewhere where there are few people. Preferably a reef point break, or uncrowded beach.

Is there a warm-up beginners can do to make a session pass more smoothly?

I sit and meditate for a short period to ensure I am in a calm headspace and perform a short core routine to ensure my core is switched on and warmed up and my balance is onpoint.

Anything else to add?

I have never seen someone riding a foil without a huge smile on their face! This is surely one of the most joyful experiences that the water has to offer!