About us


Hydrofoils can make people’s “Flying” dream to come true as foils let you fly a few inches above the water. By recognizing this incredible sensation above the water, FLY 4 ALL is established in Switzerland, with the mission of making every person access the premium quality of hydrofoils and also to challenge the industry with the virtue of technology and innovative outlook.

We work with one passion. With our values, we thrive to be the absolute ideal hydrofoil available in the industry. Together with our expert R&D team, our products are created by our close partner, 3MB Co., Ltd., a very promising Swiss-owned manufacturer in Asia.

Focusing on safety, quality, and environment are our top priority. As a result, TAAROA, the primary brand of FLY 4 ALL, has become a reputable premium hydrofoil brand in Europe and it released remarkable game-changer products in the market in past years.

We believe foiling is more than just water sports. it’s the life experience. It’s the moment you can find your playground. Ride your foil, expand your playground!

Why us ?

1.    Production Control: Our factory is a leader in the advanced composite industry in Asia for many years. With the industrial know-how, they know how to produce premium quality of foils more efficient and faster.

2.    Materials: All composite materials used to make our hydrofoils are carefully selected for maintaining its premium quality.

3.    Environmental-Responsibility: Hydrofoil is not only an emission-free and silent product but also FLY 4 ALL makes sure that green policy to be applied during the production process. Also, our factory implemented clear rules and regulations for safety and environmental law.

4.    Safety & Quality: We implemented a QA system to ensure its quality and safety.

5.    Expertise: We have been in this industry for many years. We are very confident of what we know and what we have today.