Sword RS 2018

SWORD windfoil 2018/19 a summary of our experience in design and composite technology is the culmination of our know-how! .

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All elements have been optimized for one purpose: to combine accessibility and extreme performance to offer the best possible foil.

Its new CARBONE HM mast M40 97 cm is the culmination of a year of research to offer the most rigid mat possible

Associated with the aluminum fuselage, we have reached a rigidity of the mast / fuselage / wings rigidity that ensures high performance without difficulty !

We wish with this brand new windfoil sword to propose a foil utlra powerful, accessible and versatile!

We wish, with this brand new sword RS to propose a foil utlra powerful, accessible and versatile!

100% removable and compatible with the NOE 2018/19 range, you can use the different models of mats and wings.


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