From the experiences and feedback of our riders and users, we have set up a T-bar and wings prototyping process which served as the basis of Sword 2.


After many trials of prototypes and T-bar designed by Gilbert Saint-Blancat. The different modifications made at the request of Martin et Ludovic aimed to offer a high-end and high-performance foil in the race and speed version as well as in Freeride, thanks to its more accessible ailerons.


After more than a year of development, 1200 hours of design, 500 hours of computer aided design, 89 hours of manufacturing different molds, 45 hours of hand-polishing, and more than 59 liters of coffee, the first Sword 2 is finally available.




sword 2 taaroa

probox-taaroaCase PROBOX

The whole TAAROA range is available in Probox and tuttle case versions. Our boards are also available in probox and Tutle case versions.


The Probox case developed by "select hydrofoil" was developed to avoid any calibration problems and to facilitate the foil/board joining. This case represents a real evolution in terms of mechanical properties and transmission of force between the foil and the board

SWORD FOILS are manufactured like aviation components

100% prepreg materials thermo-compressed in a vacuum in metallic molds guarantees a precise and even manufacture. The best structural reinforcements, such as carbon plies, are only available pre-impregnated. This guarantees functional geometry for the foils as well as reliability in any situation.

The performance of Sword foils rests on the mechanical properties of their components: rigid mast with minimum flexion and limited washout to limit perturbations as much as possible. This technological innovation allows the development engineers to create very thin foils that generate significant lift with very little drag


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