" The hammerhead shark is a species of fish that lives in the tropical oceans and some seas. It differentiates itself from other sharks, through the large and flat extensions on its head, that confer a great lifting capacity and allow them to take much tighter bends than other sharks."




The Taaroa company was created in 2008 in Fréjus, to ensure the European distribution of foils, Made in China.


French riders soon started trying to go faster, by continually developing new fins. It came to light that a more efficient model was needed if we wanted to gain speed.


Rémi Delahaye was therefore the first to believe that a foil could win racing competitions. It is after a meeting with Gilbert, our aeronautical engineer, that the SWORD foil was born.


Taaroa Company, distributors of hydrofoils for KiteSurfers, worldwide.

For the last 3 years, at kiters' requests, Taaroa has developed and produced the SWORD: a high-quality KiteSurfing foil that has been very successful.


The Sword 1 proved its worth through various competitions around the globe.The Sword 2 is now rearing its head on the market-place with even more ambition. Its high performance program is still very apparent. Freeride and Speed fins complete the program, so that each rider can choose his style of navigation.

  • Martin Turbil

    • Co-manager
    • Commercial windsurf
    • Technical manager
    • Development

  • Gilbert

    • Engineer

    See his career


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